Softcampus Highlight For Administration/Management

Software Highlights

The system administrator of Schools and Colleges have large number of data of students and staff, which make it very complicated to organize and manage. SoftCampus provides digital admin system that can be used in Schools / College / Universities. It can be very helpful in making decision on the basis of collected bulk information from the institutes. They are used to supervise and monitor the performance of all the student's through daily reports and academic management module. It provides different reports to staff and parents respectively. The administration will have a record of all the student's data including their full name, address and parent's information along with the emergency contact numbers. Similarly, the institution should have the employee's detail information.

Data Management

The admin can manage different kinds of data in this module like : Institutional settings, Institution Details, Streams/ Departments, Designation, Academic year and Financial Year details.


Employee Management

In this module, admin can create and add Employee name, code, Mobile number in which department's staff are allocated to work, also from here admin can assign and manage their current position. The new employment form with all the information of the new employees or teachers will be added in the system form, which will contain personal details, contact details, academic details, professional experience and details with previous employment informations. This will give all the staff working in the Institute list, that is employees list with their name, code, department, designation, contact number and employee's image.


Finance Management

In Finance Management, it refers to the management of a money in such a way that it accomplish the main objectives of the Institute. It is the specialized function directly associated with the top management. The significance of this function is also in the capacity of the 'Staff' in the Institute.



In SoftCampus interactive mobile app, Admin can track the transportation vehicles. Transportation Allocation : This list will provide the allocation of institute transport vehicles. Admin can assign the different transportation vehicles according to the student's address and destination to pick and drop the students accordingly. The route and destination will show the transportation allocation of the different groups of students living in the same area or in the nearby locations. This feature will help the admin in allocating the transportation efficiently.


Security Gate Management

The admin can daily check and view all the details about people visiting the institute, Security Gate management will have all the details to be filled by the guest or visitor with their name, number, contact person, time in, time out with their signature in it, thus it will give the brief information about people visiting the institute. Also, the admin can add, change or view the Gate keeper details like their name, contact number, address, and profile image, which will inform the admin about people allocated for security purpose with in depth details about the security guards.


Group Admin

Our SoftCampus ERP system will provide the unique feature of grouping the admin of the different Branches or Institute in the same head. This will help the main Admin to view, handle and manage all the other admin in the group that are working under the same Institutional name with different branches spread across all over the globe.


Multilingual language and Multi Currency layout

The SoftCampus ERP system is developed by our skilled developers in such a way that it can be used internationally all over the world. It has the features of changing into different preferred native languages. The user can use the SoftCampus ERP in any language that are supported by the system. In Multi currency layout, the user can add the numerical data in any foreign currency, also the transaction can be recorded with multi currencies. The Admin can view the profit and loss, balance sheet in Multi currency format, the user can change the currency according to the native language.


Librarian Management

Librarian can view, manage and handle all the items and their details of the library and keep a track of all the books that are issued. The librarian can collect the fine from users which (Students, Teachers and staff) can be charged on late return of the book. The Details of all the books like : author name, edition, price, etc can be stored in the Library Management module in SoftCampus ERP system.

SoftCampus provides Cloud based Online Enrollment and Admission process for the students. The parents can fill the Online Admission form for the enrollment process with all the student's personal and academic information, they need to upload all the academic certificates including school leaving certificate from the previous Institute and photos for photo identification proof. The admin will verify all the uploaded documents with the original copies, mark them as verified and approve the application for the further process, the parents don't have to go to the Institute to pay the fees, but instead they will get the online token to pay the fees through SoftCampus online payment gateway which will enable the fees payment process competent and hassle free.
Our interactive Mobile app will provide the convenient access to student admission process form in iOs and Android devices which will help in better communication using email and SMS notifications, this will maximize and control the enrollment of the students. Thus, its main aim is to Save time and 30% admin cost of the Institutes. This module will reduce the manual paperwork and provide the easy and direct access to enrollment forms and data. It will certainly reduce the workload from management and staff members and improves the communication and efficiency.