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School Management System for modern schools using cutting-edge technology to provide you comprehensive, easy to use web-based school management system helps you to bring the brand to life. From concept to shining reality, we provide everything you need. The key benefit is you can save money, save lots of time & making best of resources.

What we do

What we offering

150+ Institutes

150+ Institutes suceessfully and efficiently run on SoftCampus.

User friendly

Anyone with little knowledge of computer can start using SoftCampus within a short timespan

Web Application

We build you brand online custom solutions at fraction of cost.

Affordable Customizations

Your specific requirement can be easily integrated with SoftCampus cost-effectively.

Flexible Hosting Option

You can decide the deployment model best suit to your organization.

Affordable pricing

The cost of SoftCampus is very low compare to other ERP's of its kind.

Easy Integration

SoftCampus's software integration is quick and seamless

Multi Site Configuration

Multiple schools for single group across different or same location can be managed in SoftCampus.

Fit for All

SoftCampus is suitable to any kind of educational institutions - schools, colleges, universities, and training centers.

Graphical reports

Reports in the graphical format to better visualize the report output.

Custom Reports

Design your reports as per requirement as and when needed with various filters and fields.

Parent & Teacher login

Individual parent and teacher login which allows them to get the required information anytime anywhere.

Modular System

SoftCampus is modular system and allows you to activate- deactivate various modules as per needs.

User Rights Management

Provides better control to the administrator to assign role-specific access to users.

User Dashboard

Separate dashboard for Parent, Teacher, Management for quick access to relevant information

Highly Integrated

Complete school information system with integration of SMS, Biometric, Exam, Online Admission etc.

Feature Modules

SoftCampus offers 30+ featured modules which will help to manage all the systems and process of your institution.

Flexible Configuration

Configure your software environment much more flexible with enable and disable setting to fit your needs.

MIS Reporting

MIS provides data on different aspects to school administrators to manage themselves efficiently and effectively.

Robust report

SoftCampus robust reporting run report quickly and provide accurate information in different formats like chart, tabular, summary, list, detail.


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